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Wish we had option to claim game. Don't have access to pc now so can't download it. Cool artstyle


very well done keep it and thank you! nice_vibes



Hey Devs,

I Included your game on the Indie Game Playlist this week, well done. The Passion you have is evident in this game, you put so much attention into even the little details of this game, I am blown away by this one. Can't wait top play more of this one.

- Elit3hoboguy

Hi Elit3hoboguy! Thanks for including us on your amazing video this week <3  And for noticing the immense passion we put into the development of Night Reverie (: Expect great news coming soon <3 

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We're glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for uploading a video of Night Reverie Prologue <3 


Excuse the use of caps but, THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY LOVELY GAME, honestly, as another comment said is nice to see a game that's not just literal horror, instead we get this cute and interesting adventure? sing me in for the whole ride.

The pixel art is amazing, and not just that, the whole graphic style is covered in this mysterious and childish fantasy that's cute but also intriguing, it's been a while since i saw a game with a style this original and well executed on top of that. The fact that we see all this from the point of view of a kid gives room to all kind of cute interactions, and I love it.

Everything is covered in mystery to the point when all I do is want to know more about this world! The characters are all pretty interesting [The poor dog 8'( ] and the interactions between them are very entertaining; The puzzles are not too hard but also not too easy, perfect for everyone.

To anyone that reads this comment, please download and play the game, you won't regret it!

Thank you so much for the inspiring words and for making a video of our game! We're glad you appreciated the little details we added to the game. It's a lot of work and we are a small team so it's great to see people enjoying the prologue! We hope you enjoy the full game once we launch it later this year <3 


The art and setting is amazing. Loved the prologue, can't wait for the full game! 

Thank you for making a video of Night Reverie! We're working right now on the full game so expect great news coming soon! We're glad you enjoyed the prologue and the art (:


This game is good gimme more of the good lore.

We're glad you enjoyed your time with Night Reverie! Thank you so much! More lore coming soon once we release the full version <3


A very good intro to the game! It's nice to find some RPG that isn't horror, but rather just adventuring and puzzle solving. At least I don't think the game is heading to horror directions... yet! If you are afraid of giant cats I suppose this would scare you lol. But otherwise this is nice adventure game so far! 

Hey thanks BubbleKnight for making a video of Night Reverie: Prologue! Really nice video :)

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great jobs ... and cool pixels art..i play ita :D great dub italian :D

Thanks a lot for playing our game! And for the amazing video on your channel <3 We just added the Italian translation 2 days ago and we are so glad people are enjoying it!

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great jobs add italian :D... i am italian girl :D ... version for playstation?

Thanks! We'll let the translator know <3 
We're launching the game on PC first but we'll do our best to bring Night Reverie to consoles as soon as possible!

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thaNK u for info ... you use keyimail for future key :P Discover Games - Keymailer


this looks so cool im downloading it now


update: its amazing

Hi Game yeah, we are glad you liked the game!